Vet Techs Keep Farm Animals Healthy And Help Feed America

Published on February 14, 2018 by arothstein

When America gets hungry, it’s farmers using the latest technology who feed us. But to keep farm animals healthy, we need Vet Techs, who play an important role in agriculture. Farming is a great tradition in America, and whether it is high tech farms expanding productivity, or the slow food movement going back to basics, caring for farm animals is at the front of many farmers’ minds. To help them out, there are vet techs around the country working to keep farm animals healthy.


How Do Vet Techs Keep Farm Animals Healthy?

Animals that work need a lot of care. Keeping farm animals healthy is a full time job, and even then, farmers need professional help. That’s where vet techs come in. While a veterinarian can come to treat illnesses or serious problems, vet techs focus on preventative care, inspecting animals, and administering treatments.

Vet techs spend a lot of their time getting hands on with animals. They check them for injuries and illnesses. They give them shots to make sure they don’t spread disease. They do X-Rays and Ultrasounds when imaging is needed.

But vet techs also work with humans as well. A well trained vet tech is a great resource on how to care for individual animals. And every animal has different needs, depending on its age and breed. Vet techs are the teachers who help farmers know more about the specific needs of their animals.

Should I Become A Vet Tech?

If you want to work to keep farm animals healthy, then you might want to consider studying to become a vet tech. It only takes a two year degree from an accredited program, like the Associates Degree from the Veterinary Technology Program at  Broadview University. If you are interested in a career in animal medicine, but don’t think you’ve got time to go back to school, then becoming a vet tech is a great place to start. Or if you are running your own farm, becoming a vet tech is a great opportunity to gain useful training that can streamline your operation and cut down on your costs. America needs more vet techs to keep farm animals healthy, and becoming one is within your reach. Are you up for the challenge?

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