MAT® Participant Spotlight: Jackie Wilson

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Participant Spotlight: Jackie Wilson, MAT® Lower Body Online Module

We recently had a chance to connect with one of our Lower Body participants (who is now certified in Lower Body), Jackie Wilson. Broadview University offers the online modules in partnership with Muscle Activation Techniques®.

Jackie Wilson

Jackie Wilson, MAT® Lower Body Specialist

How did you hear about Muscle Activation Techniques® programs?

Muscle Activation Techniques® just sort of fell into my lap, like a Category 5 Hurricane hitting landfall.  I work full-time in a completely unrelated health profession, and casually as a Certified Athletic Therapist, in my late thirties (okay let’s stop pretending I’m not 29 anymore and the late thirties is a broad range here) hitting an early-mid-life crisis.

For a while now, I wanted to learn something cutting edge as my previous skills have become stale, boring and with somewhat average results.  A couple friends mentioned a fabulous new therapy that worked for them “like magic” for their old and chronic painful injuries, which gave them a new lease on life; it was called Muscle Activation Therapy.


What were your first thoughts about the program and techniques?

My wheels just started turning and I really wanted to learn this fancy “voodoo” myself to enhance my toolbox of Athletic Therapy skills.  I did some research, found the Muscle Activation Techniques® specialist course online, and also located a local MAT® specialist to investigate this cool new therapeutic technique. After much deliberation of Risk vs. Reward, I decided to go for it.


How would you describe the online modules?

Call it a “passion project’ if you will. I mean, why not? It’s all online, and I can still work my full-time job. Which brings me here today!  I started the first module of Lower Body, and I must admit this was a huge challenge for me.  It’s been over 10 years since I’ve stepped a foot inside a school or institutional learning setting, and I quickly came to realize, that this is a lot harder than I initially forecasted.

Focusing on school outside of a full-time job takes a mindset adjustment and a lot of self-discipline and effort (no more random BBQs and beers for this Gal!)  But, it’s also so incredibly convenient to learn (online) these effective and cutting edge therapies that I would never get the chance to learn in my hometown.


Overall, how do you feel about your choice to pursue this education?

The amount of support I received from the online staff at Broadview University to the instructors and administration at the Muscle Activation Techniques® headquarters was so positive, engaging, and genuine. I am greatly inspired in what I have learned so far with MAT® and would love to apply these new skills by working for myself as an “after hours clinic” outside of my regular fulltime employment. Sometimes, you just need to fill up your tank with something that you love to do, and do what you love.

Lower Body Lab Participants

Lower Body Module lab participants in Denver, CO.

To find out more about the MAT® online modules, you can visit: and request more information.  The next Lower Body module starts soon!

The Lower Body module has also been approved for CEUs:

NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

Both the Lower Body and Upper Body modules are approved for 1.9 CEUs each through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) upon completion of the lab.


COAPTA (Colorado Chapter of the American Physical Therapist Association)

The Lower Body module is approved for 10 CEU credits. CEU Locker #CEUL017558


Click here for the CEU Locker site


Click here for the COAPTA site

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