8 Reasons to Attend a Vet Tech School

Published on August 11, 2018 by

Interested in becoming a vet tech? There are many different reasons to become a vet tech. As a vet tech student, you can graduate in under 2 years, you will be helping animals of all types and sizes, class sizes are smaller, so you get more attention from teachers, the curriculum is focused on veterinary technology, there are many different specialties for vet techs to focus on, you get hands-on training during a supervised externship program, there is a large demand for highly trained vet techs, and vet tech schools offer lifelong career services to graduates.

Reason #1 – Graduate in Under 2 Years

Do you want to be in the classroom for 4 years or start your career in two years? A vet tech school teaches you what you need to know in as little as 2 years. Everything you need to know to start your career as a veterinary technician can be taught to you at a vet tech school.

Reason #2 – Help Animals

Whether you are an animal activist or just love animals, being a vet tech may be the right career for you. You will not only learn how to help animals that have been injured but how to keep animals healthy. Whether it be animal dentistry, parasitology or proper animal care, as a vet tech you will be making a difference in an animal’s life.

The best part is that you are working alongside other animal lovers. As a vet tech, you are a part of a vet team that has devoted their lives to care for animals.

Reason #3 – Smaller Class Size

Want to be one of thousands of students on a college campus or select few at a vet tech school? Vet tech schools offer access to industry trained teachers. The vet tech student will get one on one interaction with teachers. The vet tech student will also forge life-long relationships with classmates.

Reason #4 – Focused Curriculum

At a vet tech school, you can train for your veterinary technology career in as little as 2 years. The vet tech school program teaches you exactly what you will need to succeed in your new career. Many employers work with vet tech school to shape curriculum, so students are ready to work right out of school.

At a vet tech school, you will learn about veterinary terminology, calculations and drug metabolism in animals, office procedures, body systems, imaging techniques for veterinary medicine, hematology, parasitology, veterinary techniques with lab animals, exotics and pocket pets, advanced clinical laboratory techniques, animal disease, animal nursing care, emergency care, anesthesiology and pain management, surgical assisting, and dentistry.

Reason #5 – Specialty Areas Available

Vet techs can work at a veterinary office, animal clinic, animal hospital, and/or zoo. Vet techs can also specialize in emergency care, internal medicine, behavior, surgery, dental care or nutrition. There is a lot of variety as a vet tech, whether it is the location that you work or the different types of animals that you treat.

Reason #6 – Hands-On Training

What is better to get your first job as a vet tech than job experience? Most vet tech schools have some form of externship with community companies in veterinary technology. Perform real life tasks, while under supervision, to get real world experience before your first job interview.

Reason #7 – Strong Demand for Vet Techs

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of veterinary technicians is projected to grow 20 percent from 2016 to 2026. The rise in household pets and pet owners spending more money taking care of their pets means a need for highly training vet techs.

Pet owners spent over $69 billion on their pets in 2017, according to the American Pet Products Association. Vet care alone cost pet owners 17 billion.

Reason #8 – Career Services

Career Services departments are available to prepare current students and graduates to plan, prepare and promote their careers. The Career Services Department offers job placement assistance, job fairs and networking, resume writing skills, mock interviewing technique and career advice. Broadview University offers lifelong assistance to graduates looking to become vet techs.

With an associate degree in veterinary technology, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills you need to start an entry-level career as a vet tech. Broadview University has been part of the community for more than 40 years, so we’ve developed connections that can help move your career forward. After completing our accredited degree program, you’ll be eligible to sit for the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE). Passing the VTNE allows you to become a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT), a designation that will give you a competitive advantage when you enter the job market.

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a vet tech and starting a rewarding career in veterinary technology.

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