Where to Find a Pet: Rescue, Shelters or Breeders

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Did you know that over 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters each year? According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), almost 1.5 million animals are euthanized. Fortunately, almost 3.2 million dogs and cats are adopted out of shelters every year.

There are many different places to find a pet, from rescue organizations, to animal shelters, breeders and pet stores. Whether you are looking for a dog, cat, bird, or exotic pets, there are many options. Before adopting a pet, remember that they take a lot of time and commitment. Learn what a responsible pet owner should do. You not only have to feed and provide shelter, pets also need grooming, regular exams, and vaccinations for their health. Dogs in particular need a lot of attention and companionship. Consider your family dynamics when considering pet adoption. The type of animal you are looking for may depend on the age of family members or their schedules. Finding the right pet can be challenging but they are well worth the effort. The right pet can bring the whole family happiness for years to come.

The Right One

Pets are family and finding the right companion to take home can be difficult. Future pet owners must choose between rescues, animal shelters or breeders/pet stores. Pet owners today can also choose from a range of products to improve the lives of their new companions. Never before have pet owners had so many opportunities.

Finding Family: Rescue, Shelters, Breeders or Pet Stores?

Faced with the dilemma of choosing a new family member, future pet owners must choose from two major settings for selecting a furry companion, whether to rescue animals from shelters or those from breeders and pet stores.

Rescue animals, particularly dogs, have an unfairly negative reputation and stigma. They are seen as somehow broken. This couldn’t be further from the truth! The sad reality is that most rescues are great animals who were abandoned by their owners, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. The idea that shelter animals are more flawed than their breeder counterparts is nonsense. Most dogs and cats in shelters are wonderful family pets and need the love of caring owners.

There are two types of rescue organizations,  animal organizations that adopt abandoned animals and animal shelters that may put down animals if not adopted. Many rescue organizations try to adopt out any animals they feel will make good pets before they are put down at a shelter.  If you want to rescue an animal, first try an animal shelter. You may be saving a pet’s life.

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is the biggest rescue organization and may have a local chapter in your area. There are also local organizations that care of abandoned animals. You may learn more about local community rescue organizations from pet food stores in your area.

Benefits of Rescues

There are many benefits from rescuing animals from shelters. First and foremost, you are saving a life. Many animal shelters don’t have the space to keep animals for long periods. The cost to spay or neuter can be costly, and most animals at shelters will e These animal rescue organizations understand the overpopulation problem of pets and to stop more pets from being abandoned, they are willing to pay for the spaying or neutering. Finally, rescue pets have some experience in a family home. They have a lot of love to give, they just need a family to adopt them.

Of course, rescue animals are not for everyone. Prospective pet owners looking to adopt a very specific type of animal may not find their exact match in their local shelter. The animals are unlikely to have any sort of certifications of pedigree and their backgrounds may be unknown. While pet owners interested in purebred dogs may find them in shelters, a dog breeder or breed-specific shelter may be a better option.

Going with a Breeder

Finding a new family member from a breeder is another option. Animals from breeders, particularly dogs and cats, can be genetically tested to identify the “pick of the litter”. The pet owner will be able to predict the size of the animal as an adult, understand their temperament and care requirements. Dogs from a reputable breeder will be well-socialized, properly documented (important for pure breeds), and in most cases, a puppy. This means that the pet owner will be able to experience the full sense of fulfillment of raising a puppy from birth.

Adoption from a reputable breeder also comes with assurances of pedigree, guarantees of healthy hips and elbows from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), absence of canine eye disease, and specialized care information.

Whether a new pet owner decides to go with a rescue, shelter or breeder, it is a choice of preferences and the end result is a happy new member of the family!

Going with a Pet Store

Many pet stores work with rescues to adopt out abandoned dogs and cats. This is an opportunity for families to get a companion animal that is healthy and family friendly. Pet stores also work with breeders to carry fish, birds, reptiles and hamsters. Pets at breeders at pet store may not be pure bred, and are intentionally bred to be sold at a pet store. Some pet stores take in litters of kittens and puppies to be sold for the pet owner that has too many pets already. Some pet food stores will take in the occasional pig, rooster or chicken for a family to adopt. Pet stores offer a convenient place for the pet owner to buy the pet, pet food, toys and habitat accessories.

Trends in Pet Ownership

Millennials are predicted to be the largest purchaser of pet products in the next few years, and they also love technology. Pet owners want products that include health and medical devices, toys and entertainment, microchips and safety items.

Pet owners love knowing their beloved companion is well-cared for. More and more pet products aimed at giving these furry family members a better life are gaining popularity. Pet owners are buying better food, eco-friendly toys, puppy vacations and luxurious doggy daycare services. Pet owners of all ages are treating their companions better than ever, and this trend that shows no signs of stopping!

Onwards and Upwards

Pet owners can adopt loving animals from rescue organizations, animal shelters, breeders or pet stores and walk away with loving companions. No matter what the pet owner decides, they can sleep easy knowing their new friend will have a happy life.

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