Instructor Spotlight: Tawni Clark

Published on November 12, 2018 by

Photo of Broadview University Veterinary Technology instructor, Tawni Clark.

Broadview University Veterinary Technology instructor, Tawni Clark.

Tawni Clark is an instructor in our Veterinary Technology program at Broadview University.

Before her career as a veterinary technician, Tawni first earned her medical assisting diploma through Everest College. However, she found her true passion when she came to Broadview University as a student in the veterinary technology program.

Having visited the vet with her parents as a child, she was the one to ask the “annoying” questions. But the answers to those questions helped her to learn more about veterinary technology. It was during these visits that helped her to choose the pathway of technician versus veterinarian. She wanted to be the medical professional who actually spent the time with the animals.

Tawni worked as a vet tech for four years working in multiple disciplines, including chiropractic work on a horse, before teaching at Broadview University. She had enjoyed training/teaching at her previous clinic and she wanted to expand who she could teach and mentor. She didn’t realize how strong her passion for the classroom was until she completed her teaching demo in the interview process. Tawni says that her favorite part of being an instructor is helping to mold future technicians that also share her passion. Being able to share that passion and experiences with students is what she loves most.

Broadview University Campus Director, Marc Glutz recalls: “The moment I hung up the phone after the initial phone interview (to become a Vet Tech instructor), I knew she needed to be here and mentor our students. Her bubbly personality, energy, passion for animals and talent for teaching is infectious. Our students adore her and are constantly looking forward to the newest competition to be held in class or a funny story from the clinic. Tawni is a bright light and we are so proud to have her as part of our BVU Family!”

Tawni’s advice to aspiring veterinary technicians: “Don’t be afraid to get dirty, dig your heels in and when the job gets tough you get tougher.”

Tawni teaches the following Veterinary Technician classes at Broadview:

Leadership and Community

Tawni has recently taken over the campus student group for vet techs, SCNAVTA. The club had previously dwindled in interest or student leadership. Tawni recalled the impact the club had on her student days so she wanted to liven it up! Within two months of Tawni taking over as the campus mentor, the student organization has jumped to 18 members (26% of the program). In addition to this, students have elected leadership of three students, and have raised over $200 for future events and charitable donations to animal shelters. The group focuses on providing leadership opportunities, specialization techniques, and hosting animal events to raise funds for animal charities.

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