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Broadview University Vet Tech Students Use Their Skills to Raise Money for Animal Shelter

Recently, a Broadview University veterinary technology class, led by Heather Bird, participated in a fundraiser for the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter. There were many organizations involved from all over the Valley, including Wild Wonders, Wasatch Avian Society, The Wash and Wag, in an attempt to raise some much needed funds for the animal shelter.

The veterinary technology team from Broadview University

The students were involved with bathing dogs, nail trims, dental exams, helping with vaccines, and a pet education booth. In return for the services of the veterinary technology students, Broadview collected donations that were donated entirely to the shelter.

Some of the Broadview students are currently in a dental hygiene class for dogs and cats. They learned how to do the exams and speak with clients about their dental needs before attending the event. This is a perfect example of Broadview University’s applied learning concept. The veterinary technology students take what they learn in the classroom and apply it in the real world.

Broadview students educating the public on animal care

The students also prepared education materials on pet toxicities to help educate pet owners on the dangers of different types of human foods that can be toxic to pets. South Utah Valley Animal Shelter (SUVAS) has been a wonderful community partner that has opened their doors to our students to learn necessary skills for a technician.

“It is important for our students to see firsthand the problems of pet overpopulation in our shelters, to motivate them to educate others about responsible pet ownership. It felt really good to be able to give back to a shelter that helps out our students so much,” said Heather Bird.

Washing dogs in the hot sun!

Some of the Broadview students that were at the event included Brittany Christensen who was a real go-getter. Brittany went above and beyond with her bathing duties in the hot sun. Another veterinary technology student Emery Garner actually works at the North Utah Valley Animal Shelter, and she helped out at the SUVAS event. The event was a great success and the students look forward to doing it again next year.