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What Can You Do With a Degree in Business Administration?

Published on February 8, 2017 by Staff Writer

When you find yourself in a job you hate or a job with no room for growth, it’s time to start looking for something new – maybe business administration? If you find that you are excellent at leading people and have a desire to help a company succeed by managing its human resources, and also have a keen, analytic mind with a good head for finance, a degree in business administration might be a good fit. Yet this degree can seem very broad when you start studying, leaving a seemingly endless number of career options ahead of you. Here’s what you can do with a degree in business and what you can expect to study in your business administration degree program.

Important Skills Taught in a Business Administration DegreeBusiness People Diversity Team Corporate Communication Concept

If you are pursuing a degree in business administration, what can you expect to learn? Your degree will focus on teaching you:

The goal of the degree field is to produce graduates who understand how business works, are skilled in sales and human resources, and can manage the needs of a workforce well.

Careers Open to You with a Business Administration Degree

So what business administration jobs are out there? Just what can you do with a business administration degree? Unfortunately, few jobs are going to be labeled “business administration jobs,” so you are going to have to know what to look for.

According to, the best-paying jobs for business majors are:

  1. Financial Analyst

Typical duties:

  1. Operations Manager

Typical duties:

  1. Financial Controller/Manager

Typical duties:

  1. Human Resources Manager

Typical duties:

  1. Accountant

Typical duties:

As you can see, business administration jobs are quite varied. Some deal with people and planning, while others deal with finance and analysis. With a degree in business administration, you will have a broad range of potential jobs available for your future career. To get started on your degree, check out the programs at Broadview University.

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