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Meet Broadview Brody: An Interview with Our Mascot

Published on September 19, 2017 by Broadview University

Broadview Brody is a decked-out minivan that maximizes opportunities. Brody travels the region to connect our students and faculty members with the community, as well as showing potential students what BVU can do for them. We chatted with Brody to ask about his travels.

broadview brody van with students in front

Broadview Blog: Tell us a little about your day-to-day duties at Broadview.

Brody: Each day I work hard trying to connect students, staff, and faculty to their community and employers. I bring them to scheduled tours, spontaneous lunches, job fairs, and more. The sky’s the limit for us, and we are just getting started.

Where was your most recent community visit, and what did you do there? Who went along for the ride?

I brought Robin Rinehart, massage therapy program chair,  and two potential students to Elements Massage in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, to meet with owner Heather and take a tour.  They had a great time, and one student scheduled an appointment to enroll within 30 minutes of the tour!

That’s so great to hear that the trip led to a student being interested in a career in massage therapy. Where are you going next?

We plan to attend visit Epic Systems in Wisconsin to learn about the healthcare organization and how it started with only 1.5 employees and grew to serve 190 million patients!

We’re also scheduled to visit 1st National Bank in Waunakee, Wisconsin, where we will meet the branch manager and staff to learn more about employment and banking opportunities.

You have such an important role at Broadview; what’s your favorite part about your unique assignment?

Broadview University and I have a common desire to ensure we are connecting students to their careers. That is not just through their in-class education but also through real-world experiences. So, be sure to look for me around town so I can tell you more about our students, faculty, and Broadview University as a whole!

How many people are you able to take along with you on a typical trip? [or, how many do you seat?]

We can fit about seven people along with some equipment or signage in the back if needed.

That’s great! Sounds like lots of space for people to join in on your adventures. Speaking of going along for the ride, we hear you’re active on Twitter? What is your username, and why should people follow you on the Information Superhighway?

My username is @BroadviewBrody. People should follow me because I cannot wait to show everyone where I’ve been and more importantly where WE are going!

When you aren’t connecting with the community, what are some of your favorite regional areas to drive through?

In Madison, there are a lot of great places to go. I love driving around by the Capitol and the local farmers market. It’s even fun to just stop at parks and talk with people. We also stopped by Henry Vilas Zoo, which was a great time!

And, Brody, we have to ask, what is your favorite road trip food?!

I like anywhere that has a drive thru so I can talk directly with the servers. I’ve stopped at McDonald’s quite a few times. After talking with its staff, I learned the company has some great scholarship programs for students looking to further their education, and you know I support any business that supports education.


Thanks for chatting with us, Brody! You can look for our wheeled mascot  in a neighborhood near you! Until then, visit us online and learn more about BVU.


IMAGE: Brody at Elements Massage.

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