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Back to School: Exercise Science?

Published on September 13, 2017 by Staff Writer

Written By: Broadview University’s Exercise Science Program Dean, Meredith Butulis

If you enjoy fitness and want to help people live a health lifestyle than you may want to start your journey of becoming an exercise and fitness professional.

Step 1: Is this blog post for you? Might you be a non-traditional career student?

If any of the above describe you, then you may be a non-traditional career student! The Broadview University exercise science program (100 percent online) could help you transition into a new occupation.

Step 2: What careers can you pursue with a degree in Exercise Science?

In 2012, the careers of lifestyle, health, and wellness coaching emerged. This led to the expansion of new career fields around the world. The new emphasis also transformed the scope of knowledge being sought in the more traditional fields like personal training.

You might wonder what types of career roles one could pursue with a degree in exercise science.

Common career outcomes include:

If you might enjoy helping people lead a greater quality of life, try typing some of these terms into a job search engine (i.e. Indeed, Monster, etc). See if the job descriptions resonate with areas you feel passionate about.

Step 3: Does the Broadview University curriculum ignite your passion for a new degree?

The Broadview University Exercise Science curriculum is unique in that it heavily emphasizes a blend of business skills and exercise science knowledge to support career longevity in the health, wellness, and fitness fields.

Examples of business courses include:

Examples of Exercise Science courses include:

The exercise science program is earned 100 percent online, while leveraging experiences at home in your own community to support your professional growth in exercise science. This program also incorporates CareerPath which offers you individualization and credit based off of previous course work, certifications, and work experience.

The instructors carry out the university’s “We Care,” philosophy by leveraging your individual experience to connect to the course work and achieve individual outcome goals.

Step 4: Would you like to learn more?

If the possibility of a career transition into exercise science excites you, then take a moment to learn more. See if Broadview University’s exercise science Bachelor’s or Associate’s matches your individual needs and goals. Click here or call us at 1-877-480-3335 to learn more!

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