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How the Body Talks: 5 Tips for Professional Body Language

We’ve all heard that non-verbal communication speaks louder than actual words. From your posture to how you position your feet, body language creates critical...

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Hay U: The Best Way to Spend Spring Break

(EMMETT) When people think about college kids and spring break, they often get images of rowdy crowds, the beach scene, all-out wildness, and having...

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Graduates: Are You a Parasite or a Pollinator?

“Are you a parasite or a pollinator?” Keynote speaker Logan Wilkes posed this question at Broadview University–Orem’s summer commencement. Eighteen graduating students thought about what...

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June 9, 2016
Staff Writer Broadview

Making College Affordable

June 9, 2016
Staff WriterBroadview

College is expensive, and worrying about how to fund their education is a concern that most students have.  If you’re one of those students, you’re definitely not alone. At...

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