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5 Topics Every Student Faces in College – And How to Come Out on Top

Published on June 18, 2013 by Staff Writer

Every quarter, students in Brent Clark’s Global Citizenship class participate in a strategy fair at Broadview University-Orem where they each research a topic and present their findings to the class. The topics this quarter relate to every student and serve as great reminders before the new quarter begins. Here are some of the topics that were covered this quarter.

1.  Overcoming Test Anxiety by Heidi Reed and Ariel Hanson
Broadview University-Orem

2.  Study Tips by Jon Thorkelson and Kami Hill

3.  Job Interview Tips by Lisa Nelson and Andrea Crites

4.  Tips for Writing Essays by Kim Laidler

5.  Keeping Track of Personal Finances by Kory Schill and Tyler Markland

Great job on all the helpful tips, students!

By Ashtyn Creel

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