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Doggy Fresh Breath: Vet Tech Students Practice Dental Procedures on Dogs

Published on January 8, 2014 by Staff Writer

Time to freshen up that doggy breath. Cleaning canine teeth is much different than cleaning your own teeth. Dogs are given anesthesia and monitored closely. Students at Broadview University–Layton are required to practice this procedure under the supervision of a veterinarian. This hands-on experience for essential skills comes after many hours in a classroom learning the how, the why, and the what of each procedure. For the Application of Clinical Skills course, vet tech s

Giving love after receiving dental care

tudent, Erika Livingston, was required to perform a dental cleaning. Although this is normally done on campus, Erika had to pleasure of performing her essential skills at the office of Kaysville Veterinary Clinic under the supervision of Dr. Moss.

Erika experienced a clinic setting that provided the practice necessary to see the patient from start to finish. After bringing the client into the room, under the supervision of the veterinarian, Erika performed all the essential skills she would typically be doing in her career field. This included placing an intravenous catheter, patient intubation, and performing a full dental cleaning. Lindsay Yonetani, veterinarian technology instructor, said “I am very appreciative of Dr. Moss and his staff at Kaysville Veterinary Clinic for letting us utilize their time, expertise and facility.”

Kaysville Veterinary Clinic has accepted several externs from Broadview University and works closely with our program. At the time, Brittany Gregory and Crystal Thomas were doing their externships at this clinic. The hands-on experience our students receive gives them the advantage during the job search and while working in the clinic.

Veterinary technician students not only practice their skills but enjoy the animals too.

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