Sixth Annual Dog Wash a Splash at Broadview University-Orem | Broadview University

Sixth Annual Dog Wash a Splash at Broadview University-Orem

A recent Saturday heralded the 6th Annual Dog Wash and All Things Animal Fair. Hosted by the Broadview University-Orem vet tech program and SCNAVTA (Student Chapter of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America), this is the social event of the year. Some of the events include:

  • Dog Wash & Towel Dry
  • Nail Clipping & Ear Cleaning
  • Vaccines
  • Microchipping
  • Exotic Animal Petting Zoo
  • Education Booths & Activities

All services performed by the vet tech students were under the direct supervision of our Resident Veterinarian Dr. Stacy Raidman. The Riverwoods Veterinary Hospital provided the vaccines and microchips at a deeply discounted rate. Also provided were the rabies certificates and tags.

While the focus of this event may have been on dog services, all animals were welcomed. The exotic animal petting zoo included Zeebo, the umbrella cockatoo, Ivan, the desert tortoise, the most adorable chickens (who knew chickens could be that cute?), a hedgehog, chameleon and many others. Veterinary Program Chair, Heather Riggs, brought her two goats, Percy and Madiba (which is a nickname for Nelson Mandela). They, too, enjoyed a quick dip and the personal attention of the vet tech students.

The highlight of the event was the Utah County Sheriff’s Canine division exhibition. Sergeant Lawrenson, with one of the dogs from the canine unit, demonstrated some of the maneuvers and tactics dogs use in law enforcement.

In total, over 30 animals were washed, vaccinated and microchipped. While the total amount collect is yet to be determined, it will amount to several hundred. These funds will be donated to the Utah County Sheriff’s Canine Division to purchase training and working supplies for all the dogs, particularly boots (eight sets) for when they are working in the field.

Broadview University is an active community promoter of healthy and happy animals. They want all pet owners to be well informed and educated regarding the best care for their pets.