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Broadview at the Salt Lake Business Expo

Published on June 2, 2015 by Staff Writer

A guest post from David Martini, Director of Career Services:

Last week the Directors of Career Services from the different Broadview Campuses had the opportunity to step away from the campus to participate in the Great Salt Lake Business Expo at the South Towne Expo Center.  The expo brought a variety of community members, business leaders, and civic leaders together to network, learn different strategies, and become acquainted with trends and changes that are taking place in the business community.  During the Expo, different individuals had the opportunity to learn how to effectively utilize Social Media, Starting up your own business, and different business opportunities in Utah.

salt_lake_expo“The best part of the expo was getting to know more businesses (companies and their leaders) in the community.  It also gave me the opportunity to talk with different companies to see what they are looking for in new hires are the main reason why I decided to go” quoted David Martini, Director of Career Services from the West Jordan Campus.  “Any time we have the opportunity to step away from the campus to build and/or strengthen relationships with different organizations is a great for the students.  It helps us know what different companies are offering their employees, what jobs are available, plus it gives them an edge with the hiring process.”

Throughout the Expo the Directors of Career Services were attending different seminars and talking with the different companies to help build relationships.  Talking with the different companies to find out what employment opportunities are available, and what they are looking for in different candidates.  Through the knowledge they were able to gain, the Directors are able to take it back to their campuses to help the student prepare for entering the workforce.

While Brent Clark, Director of Career Services from Orem, was participating in the Expo, he had the opportunity to visit with local businesses.  Brent stated “Understanding what the workforce needs in our area, will better help us to prepare our graduates to succeed in their chosen career.  It was also an excellent opportunity to develop relationships with current community partners and hopefully create new ones.”

The Directors of Career Services enjoy taking time going to different events to help learn about the trends that are happening in the work force.  There are many different opportunities that are available for our students, and the Directors want to help them capitalize on the different experiences.

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