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A Close Look at CareerPath: What Can it Do For You?

Published on July 7, 2016 by Staff Writer

To help full-time students graduate sooner and spend up to 25% less on their undergraduate tuition, Broadview University instituted a program called CareerPath. While students are much more likely to graduate if they take classes on a full-time basis, this can be challenging for those who have families and are working adults. CareerPath is designed for these types of students by providing a more manageable and structured class schedule, which creates a better path toward graduation. The following are five benefits of CareerPath at Broadview University.
Save on Tuition
As a full-time, undergraduate student in the guided CareerPath program, you will spend up to 25% less on your tuition costs. This is accomplished by decreasing tuition by 13% for full-time, undergraduate students taking 14 or more credits per quarter versus students with 12 to 13 credits. These students taking 14 or more credits will spend 25% less than students going part-time. With this program, all Broadview University students have the opportunity to reduce their tuition by taking more credits per quarter and graduate sooner without having to rely on scholarships that may be difficult to qualify.
Mix Full-time Studies with Work and Family
Under CareerPath, you can take a full load of classes and still have time for work and family. Many classes at Broadview University are available in six-week sessions within the quarter. You can take two classes at a time in two six-week sessions, and this allows you to finish four courses in a quarter while tending to your work and family obligations.
Hybrid Coursework
To ensure that courses are current and relevant, Broadview University offers a large variety of hybrid courses that combines online learning with hands-on classroom exposure. Students will also be able to apply what they learned in the classroom by connecting with local businesses.
Attending college should be affordable, and so Broadview University makes available financial aid and scholarships to qualifying students. The school also tries to use eTextbooks over expensive hardbound textbooks to reduce your book expenses. Broadview can give credit for courses and training completed at other institutions, which will reduce your tuition costs and allow you to graduate sooner.
Support and Commitment
Under CareerPath, Broadview University advisors and faculty are committed to providing you with encouragement and support. They are also committed to giving you the proper knowledge and skills that are necessary for your chosen field. They will provide you a class schedule that is manageable and predictable so that you will have clear expectations at the beginning of each quarter.
Trying to balance your student, work, and family commitments can be very challenging, especially if you want to graduate sooner than later. With CareerPath, this is not wishful thinking but is a reality for many Broadview University students who are also working adults.

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